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We here at Neat Meat are very aware of keeping our reputation as a company with the utmost standard in quality, hygiene, health and safety. Quality of product is what we have built our name upon and our customers know that when they order from Neat Meat they can expect to receive the absolute best quality available in the market. We have been awarded a 'Silver A' grade for food hygiene, which is the highest level of compliance possible, and we are also a recognised holder of an Export Registration Certificate which signifies that we provide customers with export quality product. Both these certificates are required to be suppliers for many of the country's top quality restaurants and hotels.

Both AngusPure and Wakanui Blue grainfed beef, as well as all 1st Class lamb products, are required to go through stringent grading evaluation to earn the name on the side of their box. This is not only at the meatworks, but at farm level as well and ensures that if you buy these brands, you are buying fine dining.

All meats are constantly chilled and we have vacuum packers on site to make sure the freshness lasts longer. We have a very high standard of cleanliness and it goes to show in our immaculate processing room which is cleaned daily from top to bottom to our already proven 'Silver A' certificate.

Halaal approved and constantly audited for quality control by some of our most particular customers, Neat Meat has never failed to meet all standards of health, safety and food hygiene set for themselves by themselves.

 We look to uphold the highest standards of quality, 100 percent of the time and if you are for some reason unhappy with our product or have any questions in regard to our processes or standards, please don't hesitate to contact via our website on


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