Simon -

Founder and Managing Director of Neat Meat and also renowned international meat Baron, Simon has spent almost nine years steering the good ship and has been an integral part in creating the impetus of the AngusPure reputation in the hospitality and meat industry. Although there is reputedly a long serving staff member from Neat Meat in the processing room who has never actually seen Simon in the flesh, it would still be fair to say Simon is never really too far from the company's 'front line'.

William -

'I only came here to do two things- sell some meat, and drink some beer... Looks like we're almost out of beer.' The modern day Steve Parr of meat, William stops at nothing to be out amongst Neat Meats clients from big buying hotels to small butcheries making sure that he can walk the company talk and ensure that all our customers are receiving the absolute best products for their needs and are informed of whats new, fresh and flying out the door. He also has the neatest handwriting in the company and is therefore responsible for Christmas Card preparation.

Timothy -

The youngest and self proclaimed best looking of the brothers, Timothy bring's a terrier like ferocity and enthusiasm to the development of new systems and technology at Neat Meat. The driving force behind the launch of Neat Meat Online and with a constant Hawk's eye on the best possible ways to expand the companys retail arm with exciting products, the best produce and meat gimmicks destined to fail, he is slowly but surely gaining the respect of his older brothers, finally, after 30 years.

Andy Ham -

Bringing the balance back to the universe by not leaving three Eriksens in one office unattended to hatch evil plans of world domination, Andy is the glue holding Neat Meat strong and solid. With a healthy scope on 90 day plans, stock control and the bigger picture of the meat world, Andy knows Neat Meats top to bottom. He is also very handy as a one man debt collection agency as his Northern Irish accent gives a healthy advantage when it is time to call clients with outstanding bills owed.

The Eriksen Brothers
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