Simon Gault - Executive for The Nourish Group

‘As Executive Chef for The Nourish Group,  I am responsible for the menu creation and execution in a number of restaurants,  Euro, Jervois Steak House and Pasha in Auckland along with Bistro lago in Taupo and Shed 5 and Pravda in Wellington.  For the last 5 years I have been purchasing our fresh meat cuts from The Neat Meat Company in Auckland in that  I regard them as the outstanding supplier and leader in their field.  Of importance to me is the fact that I am able to rely on the quality consistency.  Great quality is clearly important but if the consistency of that quality is not maintained, the restaurateur and chef are fighting a losing battle .  Being able to rely on the consistently and quality provided by Neat Meats has allowed me over the years, to write menus confident that we will always be worked with the best that is available.  I use a large range of products including the Grainfed beef, AngusPure beef, 1st Class Lamb, Razorback Wildboar and much more.  Neat Meats is in my view New Zealand’s stand out meat supplier where both quality and consistency are maintained at the highest level. ‘’


Kate Fay - Head Chef for 'Cibo Restaurant'

“My name is Kate Fay and Im the Head Chef at Cibo Restaurant in Parnell. For many years we have used Neat Meats and have found their fresh meat cuts to be of the highest standard. We use the AngusPure Eye Fillet and the Firstlight Venison Loin and would never take them off the menu as the regular patrons absolutely love them. I would highly recommend the Neat Meat Company to anyone who demands quality and consistency when they purchase meat”

Kate Fay

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