The Neat Meat Six-Star System has been devised to help consumers make discerning choices as to which meat is most appropriate for the meal and occasion. Our rating system is based on the special characteristics of quality beef, from pasture to plate.

It takes into account the nature of the breed, the farming process used, feeding process, how the animal is slaughtered and prepared, trimming and aging factors.

Here are some examples of how a variety of meat products fulfill our system:

******6 Star

NZ Wagyu: Wagyu beef is renowned worldwide for its rich, succulent flavour and fine marbling. In New Zealand, Wagyu is grass-raised in the Hawkes Bay and finished on grain and corn for 400 days. Best cooked medium to unlock the distinctive flavour of the intense marbling/ Ultimate in fine dining.

*****5 Star

Neat Meat Angus Grain-Fed/Long-Fed: Canterbury Angus finished on NZ-Grown grain for 260 days. Prized by the top end of the Japanese market, for its heavy marbling and superior breeding. Cook rare-medium to retain succulence/ Fine dining.

****4 Star

Neat Meat Angus Grain-Fed: Wakanui Blue: Grass-fed beef finished on grain for 70-90 days, producing the ideal combination of marbling and flavour. Highly consistent and suitable for all types of dining. Steak best cooked medium/ Fine dining - Steak/Roasting.

Neat Meat Angus Grass-Fed: AngusPure: Angus beef 100% grass-fed and aged for 21 days, providing outstanding flavour, consistency and reliability. Voted New Zealand's best steak for the past three years. Cook medium rare/ Fine Dining - All purpose steak/roasting

***3 Star

Prime Steer, cold boned: Conventional beef prepared using the traditional cold-boning method, trimmed and aged to meet New Zealand's quality mark standards. Ne specific breed or aging. Cook medium rare. Steak/roasting

**2 Star

Prime Steer, Hot Boned: Conventional beef prepared using the less conventional hot-boning method which provides higher yield. Tenderness and flavour are not as constant as with cold-boning. Meat prepared this way has a softer or looser texture, with a higher yield loss in cooking. Cook medium rare/ Steak/roasting.

*1 Star

Prime beef: This animal is in good condition and is graded pre and post slaughter - Quality is not reliable for fine dining but suitable for roasting. Cook medium rare/ Roasting.

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