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We rate all our meat, so you know what you’re buying, and how best to cook it. Read about the 6 Star Rating System here.

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NZ Grass Fed Beef:
Savannah Angus Eye Fillet Steak

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Guide to Meat

Neat Meat 6 Star System
Our meat identifies via our unique 6 star rating system, whether the animal has been grass or grain fed.  Whether the meat is grown with organic farming methods, whether is has been cold or hot boned.

How much meat should you buy?
It's very important to get the portion sizes right.  In our butchery section we offer, for most cuts of meat, the option of whole cuts, or portion controlled sizes based on standard restaurant sizes.

Different cuts and their uses...
The guide to meat section gives you a detailed description of all the cuts of meat that we offer, how best to cook them and what they go well with!

Chef Series
The Pantry

Things that go with meat
We are more than your standard high end butchery, we also offer a full range of high quality deli ('Pantry') items, that go perfectly with all our meat products.

In the pantry:
Simon Gault’s Marinades, delicious hot and spicy marinades for lamb, pork and beef. Starting from $6.50
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Recipes and Techniques
Angus Pure Neat Meat Sirloin fillet

Grilled Angus Pure Eye Fillet with Bordelaise Sauce

Serves 2

You need:
2x 180g Angus Pure eye fillet portions
1 celeriac
1 large parsnip
120g butter beans
100g spinach
20g butter
light olive oil
salt and pepper
10ml truffle oil

Bordelaise sauce
1 small onion diced
1 small parsnip diced
1 stick celery
1 clove garlic
Thyme to taste
15g flour
20g tomato paste
500ml strong beef stock
250ml red wine
6 shallots sliced
1 small tomato, flesh diced
sprig of parsley, sliced

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