The HARMONY brand is central to the Neat Meat story. It’s a name that stands for what’s good: organic restaurant-quality meat that we know is sustainably and ethically produced, sourced from a select group of farms. 

The Farmers who meet the staunch charter that Neat Meat has put in place to qualify what makes it to the HARMONY brand requires the farmer to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the meat they produce goes from paddock to plate with absolute care at every stage. How an animal lives, adds more quality and flavour than any other aspect of the process. And the process is meticulous.


Farmers throughout New Zealand who are committed to converting their farms back to organic pasture and processes are also sought after to supply the HARMONY label.

This includes beef and lamb farms from the postcard pastures of Fiordland in the deep South and a special group of farmers in Taupō, to free range pig farms of the arid and beautiful Hawkes Bay in the east of the North Island

The quality meat that comes from the Taupō Beef and Lamb collective is distributed under the HARMONY label. These are premium grass-fed animals free of antibiotics or growth hormones. The Taupo farms lead the world in sustainable farming practices, adhering to strict environmental standards that protect the pristine water of Lake Taupō – this includes a cap on stock numbers and a percentage of properties converted to planting to reduce nitrogen release – ensuring its quality for generations to come. 

GRASS FED. No cages & No pens, just open paddocks

Neat Meat is so driven to make HARMONY the benchmark and additional care is taken to represent farmers making this commitment to the future of New Zealand.

Sustainability does not just define a healthy pasture, a healthy crop and healthy animals, it includes having financially successful farmers and the team at Neat Meat are prepared to put their money where their mouth is by rewarding farmers who meet the high standards to produce for HARMONY.

Through the HARMONY range of products, Neat Meat want to convey the message that investment in better meat for our families is a better future for everyone.



HARMONY products must pass independent accreditation. ASUREQUALITY is 100% owned by the New Zealand government. It provides food safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors. Accredited by the world’s leading organic organisations, IFOAM (International Federation Organic Agricultural Movement), the AsureQuality Organic Standard has market access to the USA, European Union, Australia, South East Asia, the UK and Japan.

Asurequality certify to a range of organic standards including:


USDA National Organic Program

Japanese Agricultural Standard

EU Regulations

Their certification requires an annual audit.

HARMONY beef, lamb, pork and chicken is prepared to order for selected grocers including New World and Pak’nSave supermarkets, Farro Fresh, COUNTDOWN and Moore Wilson’s. You will also find HARMONY in your My Food Bag delivery and premium restaurants and, of course at our Queenstown location.